5 Smart Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2021

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Do you remember the old style toast you had every morning before going to school? Or the homemade jam your mom makes with the food processor? Well all that goes magic of your mom’s touch. Your cognitive ability passes from your mom’s mechanism. While this ability can make you today, there is the day where you can express your luckiness to her for the talents and virtues you get from her. 

One of the cultures is giving a gift, but the only recipient is your mom, or can be your spouse or mother-in-law. That is why there are a lot of choices out there to make her special not only on Mother’s Day too. Whilst you can insert a bit of her favorite food and flower, let’s take a look at the potential and the smartest gifts that can make them healthy and live longer.


Instant Pot Duo Mini

2. Instant Pot Duo Mini - 5 Smart Gift Ideas for Mother

Have you checked what’s already available on your mom’s kitchen countertop? There must be stand mixer, pans, and other utensils in the cabinets. If you think they are traditional, you have to introduce her to a programmable pressure cooker from Instant Pot Duo Mini, especially for your hard-working mother. There are many forms of affection to her and one of them is to help her to upgrade the kitchen game. 

The multipurpose and programmable pressure cooker has a 3-quart capacity, which fits a bowl of 12-cup cooked ricethat is why this is the one you should put on the list. The size is perfect to warm the small family or even if your mother lives apart from you and alone. She will find the ‘7 wonders in 1 device’ of its versatility’; as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, saute pan and food. Your busy mother will be able to make her weekly meal preps on the weekend, whilst at the same time, she can also enjoy the day that’s supposed to be her time. Its power doesn’t end here, let’s take a look at it more at it!

There is no time to worry about the hygiene of the item. This is the easy-to-clean one-of-a-kind, as the exterior has a fingerprint-resistant and dishwasher-safe lid, steam rack, and inner pot. Another time-saving mode of this useful cooker of the century. Last but not least, as it has been said as a programmable, there are 14 presets she can use, from making Soup or Broth to make their own Yoghurt. Then, with the Slow Cook button, she can set the less, normal, and more on the panel, don’t forget the Keep Warm, Pressure Cook, Pressure Level, and Delay Cook that can last for 24 hours.

Here is the reason behind its cleverness as a mother’s day gift idea: Other than the 7 multifunctions from the 14 cooking buttons, your mother can also use the rest outside of the house. She goes to outings sometimes, doesn’t she? With the pressure cooker from Instant Pot, she can travel with RV, sailing, and other parties, both outdoor and indoor. All the while, the quality of the device remains superb and durable with the easy-to-read user’s guide. There is free access to 1000 free recipes to try in the first attempts. 

Shark Ion RV761 Smart Robot Vacuum

3. Smart Robot Vacuum - 5 Smart Gift Ideas for Mother

Here, the mother can be your spouse, as well as your mother-in-law. They tend to live alone and are getting old. Keeping the house clean is one of their core and, in fact, the task is somehow exhausting. As your act of love, you won’t make their back hurt from sweeping and mopping the house every time. There are many cleaning products that have a claim to make life easier like the cordless carpet cleaner. But, there is one that is perfectly fit for their needs; a robot vacuum. It won’t exchange their over-a-decade hand-handheld vacuum cleaner, but it will change their life.

Shark Ion RV761 is the type of cordless robot vacuum, but you don’t need to handle it with both hands. The controller is from your mobile devices and the voice controller from Alexa and Google Assistant. Despite being digital, the vacuum is still best to clean dust and debris in carpets and floors including hardwoods because it has 3 brush systems; to pick up dirt from edges and corners, channel dirt into the cleaning path, and able to pull in large and small debris. Also, the machine is quiet, unlike the old ones. It can reach unreachable areas, like under the table and TV stand. Therefore, the free attachments are side brushes, battery, filter, and charging dock.

All the work is because there is a cliff sensor, so it can clean stairs and ledges. It won’t get stuck too because of the proximity sensor she knows your home well. Can you clean the parts too? Of course! The brush and dustbin are detachable, so it is fresh all the time. You will get an extra filter too. Very high-tech and clean air house every day.

Here is why you can have this robot vacuum cleaner for your forgetful mother and busy spouse. There is no remote control and all you can do is just make commands to the voice assistants from afar and let it clean the floor for you. You are also able to make your own schedule setting from your mobile application. The power is also exceptional which suction is good at cleaning pet hair, with 90 minutes in the run, and has a 0.5-quart dustbin.

Cosori Max XL Air Fryer

4. Cosori Max XL - 5 Smart Gift Ideas for Mother

I do believe that mom’s cooking is a sign of prayer. They choose the ingredients carefully, as it affects the taste and smell of the meal. No wonder her food is always memorable whenever we are apart from her embrace. For some people, especially newlyweds, mom’s kitchen decoration is also the one they can’t move on to. While you build your own home in today’s era, there are many smart appliances that you want your mother to have too. With an air fryer, not only can it cook delicious food but also decorate the kitchen with up-to-date technology. Who can resist the free 100 recipes for everyday delight?

Cosori Max XL is the 5.8-qt capacity countertop air fryer, which fits the size of family and small party. Along with it, there are 11 presets for flexible cooking, plus the evenly cooked dishes with the Preheat and fresh all-time by pressing the Keep Warm button. If it’s unbelievable to cook without a single drop of oil, tell your mom that this device reduces 85% of it, unlike the traditional ones. As a result, you support her healthy lifestyle through cookingshe will have a wonderful life. It is also neater since you don’t have to pour in a lot of oil in the basket.

Other than its elegant color and 100 free recipes, your mom can use it when she has errands to do. After we have the preheat, the thoroughly cooked is from the shake reminder that she can see from the panel. No need to go to the drive-thru for french fries outside. You can have it at home with the healthiest quality. Within the square basket, the noise sounds like a charm. Especially if she lives alone, she doesn’t need to wash the big oven pan because an air fryer can do the same. Thus, this is simple to use for everyone, including your aging mom.

Why is this the smart choice for this year’s Mother’s Day? Everything is safe, especially when it comes to keeping the hygiene of the device. The inner basket is removable and dishwasher-friendly. Handwashing is also preferable to remove the sticky residue. The user’s guide is easy to read for her. She is free to experiment with wet batter and any dishes she wished to cook with the most life-longevity ingredients.

Ikich Portable Ice Maker

5. Ikich - 5 Smart Gift Ideas for Mother

There is the undercover power of an ice maker machine to make your mother stay young. Making fresh sorbet or ice cream and cold drinks is always favorable for them because it makes others happy. Whether at a family party or between friends, meeting loved ones has a big impact on their lives, such as reminiscing the younger days, so they feel like they are not old yet. You can also give this to your beloved spouse, in case you are about to have an outdoor party or a small beverage business. It is useful for not only drinking but also to cool down the injury from the activities.

Ikich Ice Maker is the portable one of a kind. Not only that, this is quick at making ice. The shape is the bullet ones, perfect for cold drinks. There are 2 sizes; small and large. Life will be easier from back then when you make ice from the refrigerator, the blocks are only limited and take a long time to make one. With this machine, all you need is to turn on the device, then fill the water in the reservoir, choose the size, then voila, your ice is ready in 6 minutes and equals 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours.

The quality of the ice is exquisite because the columns are made of pure copper. You can see the ice from the window. Worry no more about the lack of water supply because there is the LED indicator on the front, as well as when to refill the water in the 2-liter water reservoir. It won’t melt easily because there’s the exhaust fan, at the same time the machine is still quiet, so you can continue your chatter with her old friends. In the box, there is a free ice scoop, basket, and the user’s manual. It is very simple, right? You shouldn’t miss the compact and portable ice maker; not only for the countertop but also a minibar, coffee shop, RV, literally anywhere.

After your mom receives the device, you can show you these steps on how to set up the ice maker:

  • She can start by reading the manual book.
  • Sit down the ice maker for 2 to 6 hours before turning it on. You have to give a space between 4 to 10 cm from other appliances.
  • You can use it like any other appliance. 

You can use any temperature of the water. This is unlike a cooler box, so it is better to keep in a cool surrounding. If you don’t want to use it for a long period of time, you can drain the water by plugging the clogged drain. It is also the way to clean the reservoir.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

6. Hamilton Beach - 5 Smart Gift Ideas for Mother

Delicious foods had gone through several preparations, even the simplest one like making soup inside your steamer. Some people find this activity draining since you have to chop from one ingredient to another. Your mom knows the struggle. But, with a food processor, it is safer now. To assemble the machine, the mixing bowl, and the lid, you can do it in a short time too. Then, after you've finished, you can store them back in the cabinet. Say goodbye to the chopping board and knife, until the next time you need it. You help your mom to keep up her family recipe.

The food processor from Hamilton Beach has an 8-cup capacity, which is more than enough for a single-serving or family portion. There are 2 speeds and 1 pulse your mother can turn over. Therefore, not only can you shred veggies and chop onion, but also mincemeat. Try out making different cuisines from around the world, while it is possible to do with this one device. Also, help out your mother to make homemade peanut butter for your sister who is allergic to the store bought.

All possibilities are from the blade that is made of stainless steel and it is reversible. See, there is another safety feature. The large feed chute is to shred all pieces of the cheese and that’s quick and neater rather than with the manual shredder. Parts can be in the dishwasher, thus easy to clean; blades, bowl, and lid and are made from food-grade material. Underneath the stand, there are anti-skid suction feet to secure the food processor. You can store this everywhere, so save some space on the countertop. Its weight is the one you have to relieve. 

Let’s make the flakiest pie crust, shall we? That’s true that it is actually unbelievable to make pie dough with a food processor, though some have proven the job. All you need to have is:

  • 1 ¼ cups of flour
  • Some pinch of salt and sugar
  • Half of the butter, preferably the cold one 
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of cold water.

Then, pour them together in the bowl, and switch the processor to on. You can add the ingredients at any time from the chute. Shred, slice, and mix every time. You now can leave the cooking safely to mom. Coming home, you can still see her big smile after preparing the feast and also wait for your visit. 

Mother’s Day 2021 still in the midst of the pandemic

We all still aware of the world-scale outbreak is not finish yet. Up until today, we still spend Mother’s Day in a distance. What we can do for now is wishing all the best for your mother and all mothers, including your wife and her mom’s condition, whether or not you near her. You can celebrate it, still, unless you do it virtually or from afar, such as just from outside the door. Actually, you can create a new ‘tradition’ to spend the day expressing your gratitude towards your mom, namely cooking her favorite food, give a gift, and other forms of love language you know. The list you’ve seen above are some of the examples and is still useful in the quarantine.

You should at least try some ideas below, or might as well suit your likings. She will impress your attempt to make her feel special on Mother’s Day of 2021. Therefore, here are some inspo:

Send gift(s)

It has been a common fact that sending out gifts to people you care about the most, in this sense is your mother or the mother of your child, has a good impact in mental both from the receiver and the giver. You probably get used to give it directly. As today we still face the pandemic, you must send the gift as safely as possible to at least stop the spread of the virus. In any case, you can make a simple surprise at home if you still live with her.

Set a virtual meeting

Once the package has arrived at your mom’s house, have a video call with her. You can choose the videoconference application that is accessible to her. After that, ask her about how she feels at the moment. You might as well show her how to use the appliances, as in doing the cooking demo. On another day, play games with her. Again, don’t forget to remind her to stay at the distance and better to stay at home. If your wife is on a business trip, send her take care and you better prepare for the little party of surprise.

Make a daily reminder to always check their condition

This is to make sure that she is alright whenever you are not around. You don’t have to do it every minute, though. But in this critical period of time, you have to be able to be ‘near’ her even when you are at the farthest distance, so she also knows your condition, thus makes her no worry. The best closing in the conversation remains the same from last year; to clean the house, always wear a mask, and eat high-quality foods to prevent the virus in the very best way.

There's always a way to show your loving mom, wife or mother-in law even in this unexpected pandemic. Give them a little surprise on the upcoming Mother's Day and let all the love be still around.

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