5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Having a cordless carpet cleaner is an effortless cleaning experience like when you have a touchless trash can. In less than 30 minutes, it is actually cleaning up all unseen dust that can harm your respiratory. With a certain amount of technology, it can also remove all bad stains that make the carpet dirty. Let's find out the best for you.

Holife Cordless Vacuum

Holife Cordless Vacuum is not only for cleaning specks of dirt on the carpet. You can use it everywhere, especially in the car, stairs, kitchen, anywhere. Such as what you’ve expected to have as a portable device to travel as well. The suction power is the shining star, also the handle is ergonomic.

The 7kpa power suction is the reason why you can have your clean sofa and floor back. There are 3 attachments that you can use based on the difficulty to extract the dust; the brush tool is for soft surfaces, the crevice tool is for hard-to-reach areas, and flexible pipe tools for upholstery and narrow gaps. Now, it is easier to reach the almost-hard-to-reach edges and corners, wooden material, literally anywhere.

Holife Cordless Vacuum - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Talking about the battery, this is the fast charging one, 3 to 5 hours until fully charged and the working time is 25 minutes. That’s enough for 1 car and the whole room because the device is lightweight with a handle that makes you addicted to cleaning the house every day. As a result, you won’t feel exhausted after the cleaning day.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100The lithium battery is removable. You can take it off if you don’t want to use it, so you don’t need to buy a new one. Another detachable part is the dust container. You can wash it with running water.

Now, it’s time for you to decide. Basically, you can use the portable vacuum anywhere, whether to source up the car, kids’ bedroom, or near the pet. If you are thinking about a gift, this is the one you can send to your family.



  • Suction powerfully; pet furs, food crumbs, bugs, small and large debris, dry and wet dirt, and so on.
  • The handle and 3 attachments make it easy to use and quick at charging.
  • Quick response from the manufacturer, in case you have a problem regarding the product.



  • Works differently on the heavy carpet.
  • The battery replacement is hard to find in stores.



If your house isn’t covered by carpet, then you must remember that your car has it on the ground. It affects the safety drive because it might give you dust allergy, or any worst case that could happen. With BISSELL, your car smells like reborn.

The reason behind it being a car and carpet cleaner is that there are 3 tools that will help your cleaning easier, namely motorized brush, which is best for small debris and hair, LED crevice for dark places, and flexible crevice for narrow spaces like a sofa. All the specks go to a 0.7-liter dirt cup, which is larger than you’ve expected.

BISSELL Auto-Mate - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

The powerful suction comes from the 14V lithium-ion battery that can last for cleaning the interior of the car. The triple filtration improves cleaner air. You can detach all of the parts after using it, thus a cleaner device at any time.

Produk 2 - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

For at-home use, this is great at eliminating pet hair and sand, both on the sofa or floor. The durability and sturdiness are undeniable.


  • The LED tool makes it easier to clean in a dark surface-like trunk.
  • Such a sturdy design for a carpet vacuum, yet still lightweight and easy to grip.
  • The suction won’t damage the wood floor, carpet, and furniture.



  • The battery only lasts for 15 minutes. That is too quick to clean one car. The spare battery is not available. You should be careful with it.
  • The on and off switch can be sensitive if you are not careful.


Homasy HM207A

A giftable powerful cordless carpet cleaner, you are here with Homasy HM207A. This should be another topic to talk about other than your new countertop friendly coffee maker pot if you call a friend or when you give them a visit. It is guaranteed that you won’t stop introducing the vacuum that can clean both liquid and dry mess.

You should start the conversation with attachments that are unlike no other. The rubber jar tool is one of its kind, which can suck up a 100ml liquid for the surface. Then, for the dry dust on the frames, lampshades, and keyboards, you can use the brush attachment. If you have a big house and there are a lot of narrow edges that are hard to reach, you can use the crevice tool.

Homasy HM207A - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Of course, you can’t miss the power from the 2200mAh battery that lasts for 30 minutes. If you use this while the children are studying, they won’t be disturbed, as the operation concludes at 78dB. The filter, not only is it easy to detach but also to clean. It is the non-woven of a kind. So, it is easier to remove the remaining dust.

Produk 3 - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

For longer use, use the instruction before using the unit. The device should be passed down to the next generation. For daily use or occasional use, HM207A is reliable.


  • Easy to use, from the attachments that are fit in with the circuit and the handle.
  • Clean every corner with a fresh dust container and attachments that you can brush after using.
  • The battery is long last, just charge it every 4 days, also the carpet cleaner is powerful to clean any surface.



  • The dust storage is small. Might need to throw the dust more often and fix the direction when using. 
  • There is no option for the suction levels, so for cleaning hair, the power is mediocre.



There are a lot of fun parts to having pets. Some also believe it has medical benefits. Yet, when it comes to the downside, it is a different story for each pet owner. In most cases is the pet being messy. It can go crazy nearby your trash can or fur around the house is the most one to think. With BISSELL 20037, your life will balance again. This is a cordless spot cleaner that you can use on any surfaces with stains and all. 

Let’s say this has a 3-in-1 function; to spray, scrub, and suction at the same time with only 1 nozzle and brush. You can add water or without, just as you need a vacuum. For more surprise, this is cordless, imagine this is a big eraser for cleaning carpet, rugs, car, and many more.

BISSELL 20037 - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Within its high-tech, this is easy to clean. You only need to remove the nozzle and brush. Then, you can wash the liquid tank. Every day is fresh with the spot cleaner because the power suction combines warm water and cleaning formula, making the surfaces spotless again.

Produk 4 - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

And so, 20037 is not only for pets who haven’t been potty trained but also carpet floors. You can renew your house with 1 powerful device that you can carry around with no attachment to the cord. Say goodbye to the crayon stain in the kids' room and the wine spot in the living room.


  • If your pet loves to make a mess, the spray, scrub, and suction technology are for you.
  • Don’t judge the cover, this turns out lightweight, making it comfortable to use in the long run.
  • Parts are easy to clean.



  • The device is big but the tank is actually small to clean a large surface like the carpet in the living room.
  • The battery only lasts for 20 minutes. For a wide spot, you should wait for 3 hours to fully charge.



Hoover ONEPWR is the one that has a long battery span and comfortable to use all day. The sturdy design doesn’t make us worry about the weight too. Big chunks or small chunks, this is always there for you.

The long live battery is made up of lithium-ion technology for 25 minutes. That is why the power suction is the love of your life. Easy job or hard one, you can use this over time. The sound is not annoying either, more like a friendly milk frother too. See, you can use this day or night if, anytime, and anywhere you prefer.

Hoover ONEPWR - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Along with the strong-build body, you can also use the crevice tool to tackle tight surfaces. And so, you can store this in the cabinet along with other cleaning products. The XL-size dirt cup is removable, so after using it, you can throw the dust into the bin right away. ONEPWRS equips with a washable filter which is detachable too.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Now, you already get to know the lightweight and easy-to-use carpet cleaner from Hoover. If you are thinking about an affordable Christmas gift for your daughter or relatives, you already know which one. For the bathroom, car interior, no more dust around.


  • The dirt cup is easy to remove, thus easy to clean in a short time.
  • The battery is removable, so you can use it longer up to 25 minutes.
  • There is still noise, but friendly and acceptable. You can still chatter through the phone or else.



  • Works great on a hard surface only, not on a carpet.
  • The filter is somehow troublesome if you insert it not correct and the replacement is not available in the store.


Frequently Asked Questions: Cordless Carpet Cleaner

FAQ - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Can we plug the vacuum when not in use?

It is best to unplug the charger when you no longer use the vacuum. It has been said from the instruction to keep the durability of the battery, as well as the device. Also, it will save the electricity bill.

Where can we use the powerful suction cordless carpet cleaner?

The cordless carpet cleaner is not necessarily for cleaning the carpet. As there are attachments, you can clean any surfaces, even the hard-to-reach ones, like stairs. If you have a pet, you can clean the furs at ease or the stains with the attachment that is for wet surfaces.

Is the noise acceptable for the children while they are studying?

You can still continue doing the call and the children are doing their school activities while the vacuum is turned on. The noise is still acceptable if only the pets are not around. They will be curious about where it’s coming from.

What if the filter is broken?

To prevent it from breaking, you can clean it carefully. Then, you can insert it back based on what has been said in the instruction book. If anything happens with the filter and it needs a replacement, you can contact the manufacturer.


Buying Guides: Cordless Carpet Cleaner

Buying Guides - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

Cleaning tools

The function of a cordless carpet cleaner is, obviously, to clean all parts of the room. We can count what furniture we have in the room, such as sofa, carpet, plants, bed, and so on. You must know that each day the dust will come either on the surfaces or under the table that is hard to reach.

With adequate cleaning tools, you can change at any time based on the edges your room has. For instance, the narrow part is with the slender attachment, while for hair and fur is with the one with a brush. The tool is different for liquid stains and dry mess.


The filter is usually attached to the dirt container. It has a function to collect the dirt from the surfaces you pointed to before going to the cup. That is why you will see many different sizes of the filter and the cup.

After all, it must be easy to clean. But, to do so, you have to be careful because there’s a filter that has woven and non-woven. They work greatly too. You can rinse the filter, along with the container cup.

Battery life

Today’s specification is a cordless vacuum one. Of course, it needs a battery and the charger. You better pay attention to the material of the battery first. After that, you can check the battery life. Normally, the battery will last less than 30 minutes. Still, it is enough to clean 1 car and all rooms in the house, since most of the carpet cleaners are lightweight.


Bottom Line

Bottom Line - 5 Best Cordless Carpet Cleaner Under $100

 A cordless carpet cleaner has become a part of your life. It is easy to use, carry, and charge anytime again. Today, it is possible to renew the entire furniture in your house and make the room clean. With all the magnificence technology for your home appliance like mug warmer, even a self-cleaning ice maker, it is just like having a new house somewhere far away.

For the best carpet cleaner, our recommendation pick is Homasy HM207A. This one makes a great portable vacuum cleaner for its features on the highlight. The battery could last longer than other cordless vacuum which is for 30 minutes in a round.TIt is also able to do thorough cleaning even in the narrowest areas at your home. Even if it couldn’t work well to clean up fallen hairs, the suction power goes along well with the long-lasting battery that could recharge quickly too. All parts are easy to assemble and also clean. So now you can be at ease and with no heavy heart cleaning your car and house for a convenient place to enjoy.

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