Thin Walled Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001

Updated 16 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001

Anyone of us craves a beverage that stays warm all day. Let’s call out our star today, Vobaga VOB-10 and Bestinnkits Warmer001, a mug warmer that is your best companion at work, on the bed, literally anywhere. It will keep your hot coffee and homemade latte always fresh to sip.

The potential easy holiday gift for your colleague is the one that will help your working productivity increase. Also become a good pair gift options to get for newlyweds friends with the new modern 2-slice toaster. You don’t have to go to the microwave all over again just to heat up the morning coffee or afternoon tea. Each technology they propose is also exceptional.


What both Vobaga VOB-10 and Bestinnkits Warmer001 have

#1 Waterproof heating plate

A mug warmer surely has a waterproof heating plate because, most of the time, you will heat the favorite drinks of yours, won’t you? That is how to avoid quick damage to the function.

Both Vobaga VOB-10 and Bestinnkits Warmer001 are the ones that have the water drop-proof technology. As a result, the two of the plates are easy to wipe off. No need to add more protection to the plate.

VOB-10 contains a metal panel and Warmer001 has the plate covered with thermal conductive glass. No more hustle to take up the coverage on the glass bottom.

Similarities - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001

#2 Thin-walled mugs for better result

Although the whole function is the pleasant one, there is a restriction on the mugs that can retrieve the heat from the plate to the wall of the mug. The ideal mug for the two Vobaga VOB-10 and Bestinnkits Warmer001 is the one you usually use for having coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and milk. 

For the weight of the cup, VOB-10 can hold 0.66lbs and Warmer001 will turn on its gravity induction because of the maximum of 0.8lbs mugs. For a better taste, you can put the lid on the mug. Plastic is a no-go otherwise it will melt the cup.


What makes Vobaga VOB-10 and Bestinnkits Warmer001 different from each other

#1 Versatile, but 20W vs. 19W

You might notice the similar versatility of Vobaga VOB-10 and Bestinnkits Warmer001; wax candles, cheese, tea, coffee, milk, soup, and so forth, as long as you put it in the correct mug. But, the only difference is the wattage from the two opponents. VOB-10 has 20W because you can turn up and down the temperature setting and the blinking lights on both buttons, while Warmer001 only equips with 19W since you don’t need to set the temperature.

Differences - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001

#2 Auto on and off

The one that has the automatic on/off is Bestinnkits Warmer001. The automatic switch works when you put the mug on top of the heating plate. Then, when you’ve finished, it will suddenly turn off and so you can unplug the device back.

With Vobaga VOB-10, you can adjust the temperature 3 times; Low, Medium, and High but not the auto-on one. The only auto-off in the remaining 4 hours. There are lamps on VOB-10, which is a reminder that the plate is still hot.

#3 The diameter of the heating plate

The last dissimilarity between the two products is from the diameter of the heating plate. Vobaga VOB-10 is 3.5 inches. No wonder it is slimmer and best to give as a gift. Bestinnkits Warmer001 is 3.9 inches. This is probably because there are a lot of systems for the gravity induction under the heating plate.



Vobaga VOB-10

A beverage warmer for slow-drinker and busy person but still want to have a perfect warmth on their mug, that is Vobaga VOB-10 we know. Touch technology might be the reason why you choose the drink warmer amongst others. Its simplicity also sparks from the dimension of the device, which you can always put anywhere you go. Cute one for travel along with some compact washing machine for backpack or automatic can opener for the ice breaker party anytime.

A reliable device with the indicator lights on the 2 buttons. There are 3 temperature settings; 104 F the lowest, 131 F, and 149 F the highest. Along with the temperature button, there is the power button that is smooth to touch, with a blink. After you plug it in, the temperature automatically goes to the highest level, as you can see the red sign on the touch button. To lower it down, you can touch the button again once for the medium temp and twice for the low. Also, there’s a blue light gleaming to note that the plate is still hot.

The heating plate itself is 3.5 inches and already covered by a metal waterproof panel, making it easy to clean too. Of course, to wipe the liquid leak, you have to turn off the device first. To clean it up, just wipe the heating surface with a soft cloth while it’s off. More of a surprise, VOB-10 has the automatic shut off after 4 hours of working. 

There are certain mugs you can use. It is preferable to use the ones with the thin layer of the bottom and slightly concave one, glassware, stainless steel cup, milk box, and with or without the glass lid for faster heating. Enjoy having breakfast in bed while still checking emails and tasks, wherever it’s possible. Now you know what to give to your loved ones, colleagues, and indeed yourself. 

Produk 1 - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001


  • The adjustable temperature gives you ease to set at a certain heat, best for slow drinkers.
  • Easy to access and touch control buttons on the front, plus a beeping sound that will notify the change on the settings.
  • With its compact design, you can put it on the bedside table.


  • The highest temperature may cause a burnt smell both from the mug and heating plate.
  • The on and off button is in one switch and not the auto-on/off one too, so you still have to be careful when you accidentally touch the panel. 


Bestinnkits Warmer001

Who is the best desk buddy? Needless to say, it is Bestinnkits Warmer001. After having a meeting, you know that a warm coffee makes your content. Warmer001 knows what you need the most while there are loads of paperwork to get done on the desk, so you don’t need to go back and forth to the microwave in the break room.

You must know that this one has gravity induction, meaning that if you bring the mug on top of the device, it will automatically turn on and heat up the plate, and goes back to normal if you take off the mug out of the layer. The temperature is all that you desire, which is 135 F or 55 C. In case of a mug leak, the temperature plate is waterproof, too. Let’s meet the thermal conductive glass layer that covers the plate, helping you to clean the rest at ease.

This 19W beverage warmer is suitable for tableware and flat-bottomed mugs that weigh over 0.8lbs and you can use this to warm up coffee, tea, cocoa mix, milk, even cheese, and candle wax. Since the gadget conducts heat, there are plastic feet that will lessen the heat on the table. That is why you can have this on the desk to accompany your work. Something you always love and the reason you still awake in the middle of deadlines at work.

As a result, you are still able to enjoy the warm tea while you have a match on the e-sport game. The versatility can be also the warmest gift you’ve ever sent to your friends and family. They must put it near the bed or desk, as the 3.9 inches heating area is reasonable to accompany their breakfast in bed, heating the soup or scented candle for instance.

Produk 1 - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001


  • Automatic on and off, as the device has a gravity switch. It works as if you put the mug, it will turn on and vice versa.
  • Compact design to keep on the desk, bedside table, countertop, literally anywhere.
  • The single temperature option makes the function all-around, from melting cheese to a wax candle.



  • Since there is only one heating mode, the device is basically just to keep the beverage warm.
  • You still have to consider the weight of the mug. The auto on/off induction only notices heavy mugs.


Our Pick

Summary - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001 - Replace

Surprisingly, the mug warmer can be the best buddies in its class for your daily to working hours needs. Still, there are things we have to pick up from, either for ourselves or the people we care about that need this device for the daily activity of heating the beverages. 

Our recommendation pick goes to Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer. For some best addition, this one stands still and sturdy. Then, when you use it, you don’t have to touch any button. Instead, there is a sensor that will notify the bottom of the mug. Talking about the specific mug, we can have any kind of it as long as the bottom is thin, and for the best result, you can put it on the cup lid. Also, the easiness puts on the heating setting that we don’t need to worry about. It is as precise as a warmer for a mug. In the end, the ease of cleaning does matter. It must be easy to clean up the spills, since it is sure to happen if the majority of the heating activity is to warm the beverage.No more long to wait, grab yours before your coffee is getting colder.


FAQ Vobaga VOB-10

Can I use a plastic cup to heat the beverages?

It is not advisable to put a plastic cup, even though the device is to heat the drinks. To avoid any accidents, you can replace the drink with ceramic, metal, or any mugs that can hold the heat.

Is there any sound from the device?

There is no beeping sound you will hear. But, there are red and blue indicator lights that will tell you when it is on and when it is still hot.

How to turn on the device?

Firstly, you have to plug it into an outlet, thus this is not with a battery. There are 2 touch-button controllers. The left is for the on/off and the right is for the temperature settings.


FAQ Bestinnkits Warmer001

Is it fine to place the device without damaging the table or any surface?

There are 4 feet that are made of plastic circles. Your desk or table will only get warm but not cause burns.

What will happen if I forget to unplug the beverage warmer?

For Warmer001, the only preventive action you can do to minimize the risk is by unplugging the cable. Another way is that the mug weighs under 0.8lbs or 13 oz.

How long will the heating plate get to warm?

Normally, you will have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes to get a steady heat. For another occasion, for instance, melting a block of cheese, takes 20 to 30 minutes.


Good to Know before making a purchase for a mug warmer

Good To Know - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001

A mug warmer is always a good companion at work. Indeed, everybody loves their cup of tea or coffee to stay warm all the time. With a beverage warmer, you can still taste the scent of the cocoa or chamomile tea, while you have no time to heat it up in the microwave.

Temperature control

There are types of mug warmers that have temperature settings at various levels. But, it is also fine if it doesn’t have any, as long as the heat is between 120 to 140 F. The main point of this device is to keep your morning coffee warm. 

Waterproof plate

You have to consider the waterproof feature of the heating plate. This is because you use this device for heating liquids. The higher its quality, the easier you can clean the plate with only a soft cloth. 

Automatic on/off

Since it will conduct the heat, it is supposed to have the auto shut on/off. In a way, you can also save electricity.


Ideally, the size must fit with the mug you usually use. And there are different shapes you might find. The most common are circular, but there are also square and rectangular. Whichever suits your desk or any surfaces, it must be for you.


Bottom Line

Suggestion To Buy - Mug Warmer - Vobaga VOB-10 vs Bestinnkits Warmer001

A mug warmer is your new best friend. You don’t need to go back and forth heating up the mug. The device helps your work efficiency. Rather than queueing up at the store, check out below now between VOBAGA VOB-10 and Bestinnkits Warmer00 for your peaceful time.



The Best Mug Warmer Options for Hot Drinks All Day

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