2 Slice Toaster for Newly Wed Couple - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 2 Slice Toaster - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics

A toaster is one of the kitchen appliances that has been around for so long. Before the birth of the toaster oven or digital air fryer, people use the old-school toaster for their everyday toasting. It's been proven as a kitchen appliance that can be trusted and already past the test of time. Even if a toaster seems like not doing much and only does its main purpose which is to toast, the modern toaster has more function. Now you can toast not only bread but also bagels, and other kinds of food including frozen food thanks to the defrost option.

If you have no toaster yet in your kitchen, this is the right time to get one and experience its convenience yourself. Not only will it serve a good look in your kitchen by its classic design, but you can also get your breakfast ready on time with your hot brewed coffee.

Now, you may think about which toaster you want to get. Below we have a side-by-side comparison between the Cuisinart 320P1 and the Amazon Basics two slots toaster. Hopefully, you will get a better understanding of both products and about toasters in general so you can get the best toaster for yourself. 


Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics Similarities

Similarities - 2 Slice Toaster - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics

Similarities #1: 2 Wide Slots

Mostly the models of 2 slice toasters available with a decent length and wide only for one regular bread. However, the similarities between Cuisinart 320P1 and Amazon Basics were equipped with wide enough slots. These two wide slots could fit two pieces of bread, bagels, pancakes, or other kind of bread at the same time. Similarly like the full 4 portions waffle maker. Thus, you will get two pieces of bread perfectly toasted at the same time.

Similarities #2: Multifunctional Buttons

These toasters is listed within the top 40 best of 2 slice toasters for its multifunctional buttons. As per usual, many of 2 slots toasters were only able to either reheat and defrost or bagel toast options. Both of Cuisinart 320P1 and Amazon Basics does have easy settings with one single push on the button.

You can be at ease to get your toast evenly, defrosting your bread to heat inside the toaster slot or toasting your bagels. It is also very effective with a cancel option available for your convenience every time you want to stop the toasting process in the middle.

Similarities #3: 6 Shade Settings

Cuisinart 320P1 and Amazon Basics 2 slice toaster are not only stylish within its class. These toasters are also available with a knob for shade settings. Both of them are available to get your bread, bagels, english muffins and more until 6 browning preferences. So the whole family and friends will be able to satisfy their taste bud easily without worrying too much about getting something burnt on their sight.


Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics Differences

Differences - 2 Slice Toaster - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics

Differences #1: Reheat Option

The fact that both of Cuisinart 320P1 and Amazon Basics 2 slice toaster has multifunctional buttons on the front of its body parts, there is one that still differentiate both of these stylish compact size toasters. Cuisinart 320P1 has a reheat option while the Amazon Basics only has the bagel and defrost option.

The reheat option is very handy if you want to reheat your toast without burning it. Simply put, the reheat option on your toaster would mean to get your toasted bread warm back without starting the whole process, it takes fewer times when you use the reheat option.

Differences #2: High Lift Lever

Another best find on the toaster to get is when it is able to have a high lift lever. Do you happen once before experience that it is somehow tricky to get your toast out of the slots? This feature will be helpful if this issue does matter for you.

The Cuisinart 320P1 comes with a handy high lift lever you can use in case your toast won't come out clean. Sometimes toast gets stuck and makes the removal a little bit of struggle. With the high lift lever, you can push the toast so it comes out clean and you can remove it easily. While the Amazon Basics doesn't come with this function yet.

Differences #3: Product Dimensions

As you are looking for more and various kitchen appliances from coffee maker to toaster, everything must be in the right place nicely on your counter, right? Here are the details of the product dimensions differences between  Cuisinart 320P1 and Amazon Basics so you can pick which one is more fit.

The Cuisinart 320P1 has a slightly smaller dimension which is 6,5 x 11 x 7 inches compared to the Amazon Basics which are 12,1 x 7,25 x 7,8 inches. The Cuisinart 320P1 also weighs a little lighter which is 2,6 pounds compared to the Amazon Basics that has 3 pounds in weight.


Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics Comparison

Cuisinart 320P1 

Combining stainless steel and black painted steel, this toaster has the classic and elegant design for your kitchen. Cuisinart 320P1 has multiple functions you can use including reheat, defrost, and even bagel setting that will heat the upper half of your bagel creating a crispy top and soft and chewy bottom. But if you like your bagel to be all crispy on both sides, you can toast it normally without pressing the bagel button. 

This 2 slice toaster model has a 6 shades control setting for your browning option. Shade 1-2 if you want light shade toast, shade 3-4 if you want a medium shade of toast, and shade 5-6 if you like a dark shade of toast. Perfect if your family members have different preferences. Aside from toast and bagel button options, the defrost option is perfect to toast frozen bread as it will defrost the bread first, and then toast it, and reheat the toast to reheat the toasts without burning it or increase the shade. It even comes with a cancel button to cancel all kinds of operations just in case you press the wrong button. 

It has an extra-wide slot which is 1,5 inches wide with a high lift lever so if the bread doesn't come out of the toaster clear, you can lift it up for easy removal. Besides, there is a slide-out crumb tray for your breezy cleaning after your coffee is done with those bread on the plate. This one could be said as an excellent one for the 2 slice toaster group.

Produk 1 - 2 Slice Toaster - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Multiple functions: reheat, defrost, and bagel
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • High lift lever


  • It has wide slots but shorter slots.




Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics 2 slot toaster can be used to toast different items from bread, bagels, English muffins, and many more. It has six browning items you can choose from. This browning option is perfect either to satisfy your preference for doneness or if you have to toast different items. For example, shade 1-2 is perfect to use for thin bread and pancakes, and shade 5-6 is perfect for thicker bread and toast. So you can check on which better to bite from now on.

There are 3 multifunctional control buttons working to defrost, bagel, and a quick cancel. You can toast your frozen bread using the defrost option and it will go in two cycles: defrost first, and toast later. So you can just do it in one go without having to wait for the frozen bread to get defrosted. The removable crumb tray is very helpful because you can remove it for easy cleaning. It also has a cord wrapper so you don't have to worry about messy power wires getting tangled or cluttering your countertop.

If a simple attractive toaster is what you are looking for, this well designed 2 slice toaster can be one of your best purchasement to accompany your morning coffee or hot milk in the morning. For all its ease of use and cleaning features with main multifunctional toasting options, this Amazon Basics noted to be valued for its price tag on.

Produk 2 - 2 Slice Toaster - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics


  • Sleek design
  • Toast quickly and evenly
  • Easy to clean tray and smooth exterior


  • Takes a lot of pressure to press down the toaster lever





Summary - 2 Slice Toaster - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics

Before buying any toaster, you may need to consider some of the factors of the toaster. For example, if you need the toaster only for your morning toast, then a simple toaster with the basic function will do its job, but if you need to toast a different kind of food, it is good to have a toaster with multiple settings and even better if you can use them simultaneously. You may want to consider the reheat setting if you need to reheat your toasts at times. A cord wrapper is also important to keep your kitchen space clean and clutter-free. 

For the final words, our recommendation pick goes to Amazon Basics 2 slice toaster. As a medium compact sized 2 slice toaster, all features included in this toaster just fit you well. The size of the slot toast is wide enough based on your simple not so fancy need for such quick breakfast with bread or bagel. All the very basic toasters to get you a peaceful morning in time.


FAQ Cuisinart 320P1 

 Is this toaster cool on the outside?

Yes, the exterior is cool to touch even when it's running so you don't have to worry about getting your hands burnt when touching it. 

How long is the cord?

The cord is slightly longer than two feet and it is positioned to come from any way from the toaster so you can use the toaster away from the power source in different ways and angles. It also has a cord wrapper so you can store it neatly without creating clutter after you're done using it. 

How long does it take to make two slices of toast golden brown?

It depends on the quality and the thickness of the bread. But on average, a light white bread will need around 1 minute on shade 3-4 settings to get golden brown. An organic bread may take up to 1 and a half minutes, and a bagel will take around two minutes in the same setting. 


FAQ Amazon Basics

Does the exterior get hot when toasting?

No, the exterior stays cool and safe to touch even when the toaster is running. You can touch the exterior safely without having your hands get burnt. 

Is this toaster wide enough for bagels?

Yes, it is. It even comes with a bagel option so this toaster is designed with wide slots to make sure you can fit bagels in. It can also fit thicker bread. 

How deep is the slot?

It has a standard measurement which is around 11,5 inches deep. It fit regular-sized bread, toast, and bagels without leaving any part left. But you cannot fit longer bread fully. 


How to Keep Your Toaster in Good Quality

Good To Know - 2 Slice Toaster - Cuisinart 320P1 vs Amazon Basics

Having a toaster can be very handy since it can toast your bread in just a couple of minutes. But before you get your hands on one of the toasters, there are some things you need to know so you can have the best experience using the toaster.

Residual Heat

Unlike other kitchen appliances, you don't have to preheat your toaster before using it. A toaster is designed to toast your bread perfectly starting from the cold state. And once you are done with the first batch, you may need to adjust your setting to the lower heat or lower browning setting because it still has the residual heat from the previous batch. If you don't want to adjust the setting, you need to wait for a while until the toaster cools down. Otherwise, you will get a crispier or browner, or even burnt toast. 

Clean Your Toaster

Yes, the toaster usually comes with a crumb tray to catch the crumbs and keep your toaster clean. But you still need to clean your toaster on a regular basis to keep it work perfectly. If you don't clean your toaster, along with the time it will collect dirt and residue making it work improperly and may cause some troubles such as making your toast stuck or uneven toasting. So please remember to do proper cleaning once in a while. Same goes to your air fryer basket and daily juicer.

Do Not stick Metalware to Your Toaster

Sometimes we get our toast stuck. This can be caused by multiple factors such as the bread's too thick or the toaster is unclean. When this happens, it seems appealing to take the toast out using metalware. But no matter what you do, please never do this. The toaster runs using electricity and when you shove metalware into its slot, the electricity will run through the metalware and to your hand. You can get electrocuted and it may also cause shorting that may lead to a fire. 


Bottom Line

We can conclude that a toaster is a must-have item in our household besides trash can and food processor. It may seem simple but it is handy and you can trust it for a long time. So get the perfect toaster for your kitchen now if you haven't already. 




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