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Updated 15 Jul 2021
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Miroco MF002 vs Vava EE013 Milk Frother Review and Comparison Who is the Frothiest of All

We sometimes face 1 or 2 rushes in the morning. Either you wake up late or have some important errands, you must look for a substance that can live up your day. A simple toast and jam or a quick waffle to go with but it’s already a universal truth that we always crave for coffee every morning. While those 2 common problems appear, we tend to look for something quick, yet the taste is based on our likings, don’t we?

Each of us also have different preferences. One loves the one that has a more thick or airy layer from cappuccino, some prefers creamy milk in latte, and depending on the weather, it has been the family tradition to serve hot cocoa and those who don’t drink coffee will just get a cup of a regular hot milk for breakfast and a couple glass of mineral water from the special dispenser. While most of us get used to grabbing one in the coffee shop, with Miroco MI-MF002 and VAVA VA-EE013, you don’t need to queue at the coffee shop because you can make like one at home in one device. 



Miroco and Vava Similarities

#1 Four settings in 1 button

One touch to go doesn't only belong to ice cream maker or one time flip waffle maker. There is a one button on the bottom-center of the cup of both Miroco MI-MF002 and VAVA VA-EE013, which can be pressed until 4 times to get the preferred consistency and the heating option. To get a dense foam, you can press 1 time. The 2 clicks can have a more fluffy texture of the foam. If you just simply want to make the milk warm, you can press 3 times for the heating mode. And if you push it 4 times, you can froth cold milk.

This one button is the reason why these two milk frothers can bring your favorite barista to home. Not only can you make a latte art, but also save up your time waiting in the queue at the coffee shop. You might as well add your own sweetener, or substitute the type of milk you like. What a good day you start with!

#2 Cup design

The design of the cup is thick, making Miroco MI-MF002 and VAVA VA-EE013 are equipped with non-stick stainless steel inner cup. If the inner cup is non-stick, then it is easy to clean up with a damp cloth or soft sponge. You should concern the hygiene of the milk frother too, since you will most likely use it every day. 

The outer design is exquisite as well. The fastened-grip body can avoid mess, in case you are still sleepy or when your palm is sweaty. Therefore, when you are about to make a latte art, it will look like the one you have from the coffee shop. Even if you can't place the cup on top of your electric mug warmer, its design prevents the cup from slip out of our grasp. 

After all, the two milk frothers can still save up the space on your countertop. Anytime you crave from the creaminess of a matcha latte or cappuccino, you will have it in a short time. The volume should be able to serve 1 to 2 cups, so it is perfect to serve the morning coffee for new couples.

#3 Automatic heating

This one technology can ease you when you almost forget to pour in the milk out of the frother. The cup of Miroco MI-MF002 and VAVA VA-EE013, too, can hold up to 149 F / 65 C of the maximum temperature. But, you can only flow in the milk to 240 mL maximum for heating and 115 mL for frothing. The heating system is to prevent from losing the quality of the foam of the milk, so you will get the nice texture one in your cappuccino or latte.


Miroco MF002 vs Vava EE013 Milk Frother Similarities


MI-MF002 and VA-EE013 Differences

#1 Double accessories

Purchasing a milk frother must include the accessories for the heating and frother the liquid. In one time order of Miroco MI-MF002, you will get 2 universal whisks, 1 brush, the lid, and the instruction book. The 2 whisks should be enough to make a nice dense foam and give a fine heat to make a latte art and any other creation you might make.

While inside the box of VAVA VA-EE013, there are 2 frothing whisks, 2 heating whisks, the cup with the anti-slip feet, and a guidance book. Thus, you can make different varieties of latte, cappuccino, and any kind of drinks that have dense to fluffy foam on top of the liquid. You should be able to differentiate the steel ring accessories it comes up with.


Miroco MI-MF002

The Amazon’s Choice milk frother brings a coffee shop experience to your home, as always. The difference is that you can reheat the milk up to 149 F/65 C with 1 button and 4 frothing and heating options and it turns off itself if you forget to pick up the foam. You will be also alarmed by 3 beeping sounds once it is ready to serve. 

With its 4-in-1 button, you can make latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and warm milk in a quiet mode. You shouldn’t worry about what is going on inside the cup, and most importantly, the delicacy of your morning coffee you make in the kitchen or anywhere you like. Even with a single press, you still get a nice temperature and density of the foam, along with the second click that forms the fluffy one. 

The stainless steel, non-stick interior makes Miroco MI-MF002 easy to clean with a soft cloth. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, you don’t need to wash the parts. It goes the same with the composure of the fat in the milk you choose. If you pour in the milk in the maximum of 240 mL for heating and 115 mL to froth hot and cold milk, the inner cup should be able to be sterile out of the residue. You can do the latte experiment as often as you want!


  • Effective reheat option.
  • No unnecessary noise while it’s mixing.
  • 3 beeping sounds when finished.



  • Can compose a mess.
  • Only get 2 universal whisks.



You already come up with a modern lifestyle at home. VAVA VA-EE013 brings more of a high-quality life from 1 milk frother device. Moreover, the thing can also heat and froth non-dairy milk like almond and soy milk, which you still get the exact texture of the foam like regular high-fat milk. The possibility is from the maximum 158 F/70 C heating process of the liquid, and within 1 minute for cold milk.

The material of the cup itself is also incredible. With its double-wall cup, the stainless steel material of the interior is such a scratch resistant one of the kind. As a result, you just need to effortlessly clean the inner cup only with a sponge. You should welcome the anti-skid bottom, too, while there is still less noise in the process and quick to serve the froth. Something that is worth purchasing indeed!

No wonder you can make your home a coffee shop. That is also because you are equipped with 2 frothing whisks and 2 heating whisks, along with the minimum 40 mL of liquid level and 240 mL for heating the milk. The blending power sums all of them into a precise texture of foam from just 1 button that can be pressed 4 times. Then, you can enjoy the drinks with the whole family and friends.


  • Vegan user friendly from the maximum heat temperature.
  • Powerful and quiet blending technology.
  • Anti-slip bottom.



  • No free brush for cleaning the accessories.
  • Second-rate durability.



You surely like something quick yet still delicious in your cup of latte, don’t you? And sometimes, especially, when you move out to a new place, you can’t move on from the one coffee shop that you used to visit before doing your daily activities. A milk frother can be a game changer for the taste of your morning cappuccino and holiday hot chocolate too. The one that can heat up non-dairy milk is also likeable these days. The material of the interior and exterior makes it not out of date, because it was carefully chosen, so that you can clean the parts easily with one cleaning equipment. And most importantly, the spinning power and the accessories play the role together to form such a dense and moist foam out of the milk.

For your consideration, we can pick one for you to get between Miroco and Vava here for VAVA VA-EE013. Even if it doesn't come with a free brush, this milk frother is surely good with its additional frothing whisks and heating whisks for your needs. It's easy to use, smooth noise and blend just perfectly fine for your chocolate and make a foamy cloud on top of your coffee!


FAQ Miroco MI-MF002

Milk Frother Miroco Electric Milk Steamer Soft Foam Maker for Hot and Cold Milk Froth Cappuccino

What if I lost the whisk?

You still have another one from the box. The manufacturer gives you 2 of universal whisk. To avoid missing the pieces, you can store one of it in the box or drawer. 

How to clean the cup thoroughly?

If the fat is still on the bottom, you can rinse with hot water right away, then wipe off the residue with a soft cloth. Using the rough surface of the cleaning thing is prohibited, due to the risk of stretch on the cup.

Can I froth non-dairy milk?

Yes! The milk frother works great to oat milk and coconut milk. You can check the level of the fat as well while picking up from the refrigerator at the supermarket. 


FAQ Vava VA-EE013

Milk Frother VAVA Electric Milk Steamer for Hot and Cold Milk Froth with Double Wall

How do we keep the durability of the milk frother?

You must follow the instructions from the instruction book that is given in the box. The how-tos are complete from the beginning to the end. For instance, you must pour in the milk in the right amount base on the strips on the cup.

What kind of milk can I heat and froth in the machine?

It works better if the milk has more fat, both the dairy and non-dairy. Depending on your likings, actually. You can check the fat in the nutrition facts on the cover.

How to turn on the frother?

This is the electric one, so no need to insert a battery. There is one button that you can press 4 times, each with different functions. You can plug in the cable.


Good to Know before having a milk frother at home

In fact, there are a lot of types of milk frother in the market. There is one that operates with a battery and one with electricity. While they give different levels and consistency of texture, the device can be used on another occasion, rather than to froth a milk. Some also as a game changer to the experience of making one cup for breakfast.

Level up your drink

This is because there are levels to blend the liquid. Some milk frothers are able to give the heat, as well as frothing cold milk. Later, there is such a real foam and creaminess in your latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and so on.

Coffee shop at home

This is probably one of the reasons why people buy the device. Especially, you can make latte art that you froth before. The heating options will bring you to the warm of coffee shops. 

Effortless use

The device is usually light, thus it is easy to carry around. Even if it is the electric one, the milk frother is as big as your cup. There is only one button to turn the thing on, and the circle whisk will move itself. 


From the foam that you froth itself, we can create art on the coffee. You can watch the tutorial on how to make, from a picture into the pop-art form. Just like an artist drawing on a canvas, you can have different gradations of colors.

Keeping the tradition 

Some people see drinking coffee as a tradition. Milk frother is here to help to create another new way of enjoying each sip. You can also froth the foam out of a hot chocolate, as the drink is also one of a tradition in winter times. 

Bring the coffee shop experience at home! Level up your skills on making stacks of waffles or such delicacy of latte or frappuccino whenever you are, that you’re the one who experiments yourself. It should be the one that supports your vegan and dairy-free lifestyle. You must enjoy the latte art making, even if you are still a beginner.



5 Reasons Why People Use a Milk Frother

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