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Updated 9 Jul 2021
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Thinking about making proper food at home makes you realize that various kitchen appliances are great inventions made. Everything seems different whether it is about taste or texture when you chop or slice something with a knife or food processor.

You don’t always have to be a great cook, food processors are available to make your time in the kitchen well managed and easier for you as well when you need to make lots of stock. We made a quick review to help you out choosing Hamilton Beach 70730 VS Hamilton Beach 70725A to help you in the kitchen counter. Take notes and get what’s best.


Hamilton Beach 70730 VS Hamilton Beach 70725A Similarities

Similarities #1 Safety Features

This is essential. Food processors' safety features ensure your time in the kitchen without getting hurt. Because the blade used on food processors is sharp and of course, you don’t want the stacks to pop out and the blade whirling around like a mini helicopter blade.

Hamilton Beach 70730 and Hamilton Beach 70725A both have safety switches that don't allow the machine to start working before all were clicked on the right place.

Similarities #2 Blending Power

When you bought a food processor, you were looking for an appliance that will make your chops much easier and mostly smoother. Hamilton Beach offers food processors that blend great on both of its 70730 series and 70725A series and works within 450 watts. It will be helpful to make baby food to blend chicken and nuts. However most of them were not recommended to use for dried food ingredients in large amounts.

Similarities #3 Deals Under $50

Hamilton Beach 70730 and Hamilton Beach 7072A are both sold in the markets mostly on deals under $50. This makes both good quality food processors with useful functions as a lower price kitchen appliance.


Hamilton Beach 70730 VS Hamilton Beach 70725A Differences

Differences #1 Cup Capacity

The big difference that made both of these Hamilton Beach products stands out is because its cup capacity. Like many other food processors, the food capacity comes in for your needs in the amount you wish for. The Hamilton Beach 70730 series can hold 12 cups capacity or 2.8L. Meanwhile the 70725A series can only process the maximum amount of 10 cups capacity.

Differences #2 Longevity

For the product longevity quality, Hamilton Beach 70730 rated lower than Hamilton Beach 70725A. Not only because of its capacity, but the result of its recommendation to be a long lasting product seen more has highlights for Hamilton Beach 70725A.


Hamilton Beach 70730 VS Hamilton Beach 70725A Comparison

  Hamilton Beach 70730 Hamilton Beach 70725A
Power 450 watt 450 watt
Capacity 10 cup 12 cup
BPA Free Yes Yes
Dimension 10.25 x 8.43 x 15.47 inches  9.55 x 8.76 x 16.25 inches 
Weight 4.7 pounds  6.57 pounds 


Hamilton Beach 70730

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor 70730

Checking on its specifications, if you look up a smaller size of food processor you can go with the Hamilton Beach 70730 series. It weighs around 4.70lbs and stands at 10.25 x 8.43 x 15.47 inches. With its compact design, you can keep them without worrying about your countertop space. This food processor has 10 cup capacity with a large feed chute. The large chute will be able to fit large foods such as blocks of cheese and process them in a short time. It is also kitchen counter friendly and with a compact design you won’t get into any difficulties to stack and disassemble it. It also has a keen reversible stainless steel disc slices blade as well. You will have no more debate on chopping and pureeing since it makes sure your food is processed well.


  • Great blending power.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.


  • Can’t make a good deal with dried and solid food items.


Hamilton Beach 70725A

Hamilton Beach Food Processor 70725A B00KHLN7K2

The 70725A goes front with its 12 cups capacity with an easy stack and quick set up. The bowl might look very tall but it is solid with the base. It also has buttons for the blade to work with function details based on your needs such as for chops, shreds, slices or mix.  It comes with 2 sharp blades, an S-blade and slicer or shredder disc blade. This series dimensions presents in 16.25 x 9.55 x 8.76 inches. The materials are made out of BPA free plastic with stainless steel blades. There are also guides for maximizing amounts of foods to process with this food processor so you can get the best result and prevent malfunction later. Not only easy to stack, it is also friendly to your dishwasher machine except the base.


  • Easy to stack
  • Could take more variety of foods to blend.


  • Material doesn't go as good as it gets.
  • Too much bad news on its durability.



For last consideration, make sure you have choose and take notes of which of the food processors that goes best for you. If you don't really spend much time in the kitchen but like to experiment with your food, choosing a small capacity food processor will be a wise choice. This is because you can take up good enough amounts for your own stocks. When you tend to use more and more items to process in a less preparation time, a large capacity of food processors with various functions are wisely needed to pick up.

However, this item might not go well with dried food ingredients with powerful speed. It is because sometimes when the ingredients are too dried, it could stick and make the blades not function. You are recommended to soak them in the water first or add some water to make it lighter. The basic use of a food processor itself was made to facilitate your multiple tasks in cooking preparation.



FAQ Hamilton Beach 70730

Can you use this processor to make cookie crusts?
Good news that it can process your cookies for your dessert crusts! It only takes a few seconds to make.

Is it possible to chop and grind dates in?
According to its great result on chopping zucchini and cheese, the blending power and sharp blade are able to chop and grid dates perfectly. It is better to soak the dates in the water for 10-30 mins before.

What are the multiple blade types that come with this processor?
This food processor includes two blades. One blade works as a knife blade for chopping and the other is a disk blade which has grating holes and a shredding side.


FAQ Hamilton Beach 70725A

How do you use cord storage?
The cord storage works with a hollow space base where it's tuck inside. No other mechanical parts.

Does this make a small portion of puree?
As the base of food processors is to make puree, this series turns out doesn’t make best puree out of it. It is coarse paste instead. So, it will be more recommended to work as a vegetable chopper and blend.

Is the chopping soft or smooth enough?
The chopping result is great. It minced nuts and other ingredients at the same time to be pureed well.


The Differences on Blender, Food Processor and Mixer

We have seen there are now lots of cooking shows or reality shows that pictures how food was originally made. Sort of like walking and seeing into someone’s kitchen and getting their cookware and recipes. That makes cooking feels like an easy thing to do, yet it is not that simple.

Not only ingredients, but there are also plenty of kitchen appliances to use to make food. We might seem familiar with blenders, food processor and mixer. All do have pretty much the same role, to grind something and make it a smoothie, sort of. However, there is more to know about them as mentioned below.


The most common appliance we know placed in the kitchen counter is blender. Blender is an electric kitchen appliance that has a motor to turn the metal blade to work. This is common to make liquids or pulverizing as for making soups and smoothies. There are also types of blenders which refer to jug blenders and mini blenders.


Mixers are mostly known as an appliance in baking. It is used for kneading, mixing and whisking. It comes in a big dimension which could take your kitchen counter space. That was for stand mixers. For electric handheld mixers were merely good to make whipping cream in a few minutes only.

Food Processor

Food processors might seem more flexible to use. Especially when you need more food ingredients to be done in a much simpler and quicker way like chopping, slicing, shredding great speed. It helps you make a smooth puree and other preps with lots of different sizes and blades as well. Besides, it is mostly easy to stack and use as well. Friendly kitchen counter item!


So, which would you like to go for more simple and easier cooking? Complete your blender and mixer companion by adding the most suitable food processors of your choice to the cart now!




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