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Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6

Who will feed the entire family by its versatility? Home-cooking is not for everyone. Your mom, lovely wife or mother-in-law (who is usually in charge of the generation recipes) might need some new smart appliances gift to boost up their tasty cooking speed. Especially, when it comes to frying the foods for the entire family, the activity is either dangerous or unhealthy for some reason.

These days people try to eliminate the consumption of oil, because some of the components in cooking oil can lead to health issues like obesity and cancer. It was almost impossible to fry without a single drop of cooking oil. But now, Cosori Max XL and Chefman 6.3QT make it happen. These air fryers are friendly when it comes to large servings needed.

In case you are wondering why the two are Amazon’s Choice, you must check out their functions and what kind of simplicity you will realize. You will save up your spending on kitchen appliances because you can make anything, from main dishes to desserts, in one device that always fits on your countertop. Not only that, but you also don’t need to add cooking oil to your food. Healthier, isn’t it?

What both Cosori Max XL and Chefman 6.3QT have

#1 Easy touch screen presets

Touch screen presets are always easy to tap on. It will help you when your hands are full of crumbs from the frozen food you are going to fry in. As cool as these modern slow cooker, the design of the air fryer always seems legit. Even when it is time for you pass it down to your children. By doing so, you don’t need to worry when you feel like you haven’t pressed the buttons correctly.

Both Cosori Max XL and Chefman 6.3QT give you such experience in the kitchen. With such presets, your cooking activity is going to be different from the previous times. There are 11 presets for Cosori and 8 presets for Chefman. But, the two give you the same result, as the buttons consist of cooking meat, chicken, seafood, french fries, and baking a cake. You can also preheat the frozen packages and reheat the leftover at any time.

Similiarties - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6

#2 Easy to clean spare parts

If the detachable parts are easy to clean, then you don’t have to worry about the hygiene aspects of the air fryer. The spare parts of Cosori Max XL and Chefman 6.3QT can be washed in a dishwasher or if you prefer to hand wash, just do so. You can always clean the inner accessories with less effort because the materials are non-stick ones.

Although the components are detachable, there is a lock to release and hold the basket, and also the component to hold on the parts. You see, safety is the priority, too on an air fryer. You can clean the parts right away because the heat won’t go directly to the handle. All interior and exterior can be washed off with a soft cloth.


#3 The family capacity

With a big family comes large food to prepare. Just like when you pick the best large food processor as your cooking helper, Cosori Max XL and Chefman 6.3QT are such a good purchase for a family-oriented. These Amazon’s Choice air fryers can cook a whole chicken thoroughly. What perfect timing to invite all members to have a feast with less oil. Just invite them to a movie night, and have some nice and crispy no oil french fries on the table.

Cosori has a slender body yet many presents, which you can also reheat and keep warm with the food that you fried. This preheat button can help frozen foods to have such consistency as if you fry oil. As for Chefman, it looks like an oven, which has 2 racks. The function is also almost the same. Will it be convenient for your kitchen?

What makes Cosori Max XL and Chefman 6.3QT different from each other

Differences - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6

#1 The cooking housing

The housing is one of the most important parts of the air fryer. It is the part where you will insert the basket or trays to heat the leftover pizza or toast. The two brands Cosori Max XL and Chefman 6.3QT come with a different one of a kind. Cosori, with its square basket, looks like the most air fryer in the market, while Chefman has an oven-like structure.

The Max XL one has double baskets; the inner and outer baskets. The one that we can take out and dishwasher-safe is the outer part. The outer, too, comes with a handle, which we can hold when we’re about to shake the fries and take out the basket by pulling it out. Between the inner and outer basket, there is a lock, which you can release after taking out the finished foods. 

Chefman comes with 3 different detachable accessories to fry the foods without little to no oil. There are the rotating air fryer basket, rotisserie spit, 2 racks, and a removable drip tray. The basket looks like a net, which will spin when in the process of frying. It goes the same as the function of the rotisserie spit, in which you can roast a whole chicken. The 2 racks are removable, just like an oven. You can bake a brownie there. Lastly, the drip tray is to hold the drips of oil and other liquid from the frying process.



Cosori Max XL

This one model from Cosori is such a perfection, both from the size-wise and the modern design. This will fit the countertop of your shared room because it is designed as a square. Then, the presets are touch screens, with the printed icons inside the display. The outer and inner cooking basket has its own lock, and the air fryer won’t work unless you insert the inner basket. The exterior, too, is the smudge-free surface, so if your hand is oily, it won’t stain on the surface. What a luxury it is!

With its slender body, you can cook up to 6 lbs of a whole chicken. You always have 11 options for frying the meals without a slight drop of oil; Steak, Chicken, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Package Foods, French Fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Desserts, and Bread. There are also Preheat and Keep Warm buttons, so your fries will have a crisper and in case you need to clean your dusty house corner,  you can keep the foods warm. Another convenience of this number 1 air fryer on Amazon is the 3 beeps sound when you have to shake the basket and of course, when it is ready.

When it comes to the easy-to-clean option, this air fryer gives you such an effortless process. Not only is the basket is the non-stick food-safe one, but also dishwasher friendly. You can reduce 85% fat in a day's consumption. As a result, the hygiene from the device adds more quality to your body's health. You should consider giving this air fryer as a gift for your loved ones since you will also get a bonus 100 Cosori Kitchen recipe book.

Produk 2 - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6


  • The square body makes it small kitchen friendly.
  • 11 versatile presets, plus the preheat and keep warm options.
  • Safety first; the device won’t work unless the user inserts the inner basket.



  • Leaving puddles on the surface from the basket.
  • The plastic smell from the inner basket’s material.


Chefman 6.3QT

“Everything is possible.” That quote is applicable to anything, including home appliances like an air fryer. You will understand the whole meaning after you use Chefman 6.3QT. This one series from Chefman is for those who like something all-in-one in their kitchen, as you know, cooking can be confusing, specifically when it is the time to fry or bake or just neutralize the things with just a heat while the preparation process is already complicated to take. This unit will surprise you with its versatility.  

This 6.3 Quart air fryer is already the digital one. The preset buttons are already touch screen, with separate on and off button on top of the item. It is actually such a great combination of the presets because it guarantees your safety while pressing the options in precision. There are 8 cooking presets; Meat, Fries, Seafood plus Shrimp, Chicken, Rotisserie, Bake, and Dehydrate, with 4 additional presets for setting the Time, Temperature, Rotating the frying basket, and Light for lighting the inner basket. All of the touch screen digital cooking options can turn the device not only a mere air fryer, but also rotisserie, making dry fruits, baking a cake, and reheating a leftover. No more food waste! 

While in the process of cooking, you can see how the foods are changing color because the door has a wide window, just like these best classic microwave. Its spacious interior can feed the whole family of yours, again and again, with less oil consumption and in a short period of cooking time, also with various cooking methods. It’s more than your favorite fast-food restaurant quality at home. You won’t smell anything on the outside because there is an air filter on top of the interior. This is a whole new experience on cooking with a rapid air circulation technology in the century.

Produk 1 - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6


  • Versatility; baking, rotisserie, dehydrating, reheating, air fryer.
  • 2 racks available, with a window on the door.
  • Air filter technology; odor-free kitchen.


  • Bulky body, thus heavy to carry around.
  • The detachable accessories are complicated to clean in a short time.


Our Pick

When it comes to picking up an air fryer, the first thing to choose is its flexibility. It is the first highlight of an air fryer because, back to your goal, is it to make your cooking experience fun and easy? If you already get that first point, then we can move to its quality to be easy to clean and use. 

The two highlights must stick together because if there is less effort to detach the components, then it is easy to wash, either with hands or dishwasher, also with the cooking program buttons which are touch screens. After that, you must measure the size of your countertop or where you will use the device. Do not let your air fryer cover up your favorite full size waffle maker.

Our pick goes to Cosori Max XL for the win. With all the point notes above, this air fryer series has it all. You can get a modern futuristic kitchen appliance at home with a single touch for everything. Make your meal on plate quick with 9 presets available and best of all, it is better to have one stainless steel air fryer on the go.


FAQ Cosori Max XL

FAQ 1 - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6.3QT

Is this air fryer loud?

Not at all. There is no loud voice but that doesn’t mean it is quiet at all. You will feel like you forgot that you cook something in the air fryer.

Are the presets accurate for most of the cooking options?

Yes. The presets will cook the meals based on the pictures of each button. This one air fryer is more than an oven or microwave. If you still need more time to fry, you are able to do so by adjusting or reducing the time and temperature. 

Does this air fryer work on frozen foods?

Of course! The preset to heat the frozen foods work so fine. You should follow the instruction first, thus you will get the crisp that you want. It will take 20 - 25 minutes for this one setting.


FAQ Chefman 6.3QT

FAQ 2 - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6.3QT

Does this air fryer work like a toaster?

Yes. You can use the rack and set the temperature to 400 F for 3 - 4 minutes. The temperature and time depend on how brown you would like to have on your toast. You can check it through the window.

How long does the guarantee last?

The guarantee covers for the whole 1 year. In one purchase, you will get the guarantee certificate, along with the instruction book.

Can I stop the air fryer while in the middle of cooking?

Yes, you can press the on/off button on top of the presets. 


How to Use Your Air Fryer Correctly

Good To Know - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6

You shouldn't doubt the versatility of an air fryer. But, if you are new to this device, you're supposed to follow the guidance from the instruction book to avoid errors in the first use of the air fryer. There are things you need to know about what kind of surprising foods that you can make in the device and the ways to clean it properly.

Use the preheat option

The preheat option is there for a reason. Just like an oven, you must wait for the basket to have such stable heat. If there is no preheat preset, you can set it to a certain amount of temperature for at least 5 minutes.

Use a light greasing oil

Although most of the inner basket comes with a non-stick one, you still need to spay just the tiny bit of oil that has a high smoking point, such as soybean oil. The oil is to make it less sticky on the surface, so it will be easier to clean up, even if you just brush it off with a damp cloth.

Sprinkle a bit of water 

This is to prevent any more smoking inside the basket, especially with fatty food like bacon. You can sprinkle the water before you cook or heat the burger or meatball.

Prepare a dripping pan

Some air fryers are already equipped with a dripping plate that they can detach to throw the excess oil and liquid. But, if yours doesn't have one, you can put a plate or anything that can hold the excess liquid, so there won't be any mess.

Follow the shaking alarm

This beep is to make your food tastes like the one that comes out from a deep fryer or oven. Not only this is to avoid undercook, but also to have the crips thoroughly.



Suggestion - Air Fryer - COSORI Max XL vs Chefman 6

One single cooking device for a lot of functions. That is such a dream for those who love cooking and also ones who hate the wait. Let's simmer down. With a light-weight and small countertop-friendly, you are free to cook your favorite meals with a small drip to none oil. It is also easy to take care of the parts. No more hesitation, get your favorite one now and experience the versatility of this modern appliance!



Air Fryer Tips You Should Know About


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