Centrifugal Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

Updated 13 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

First of all, fruits and vegetable juices help you to get your nutrients in a much more simple and easier way. Green juice will help you if your kids (or maybe even yourself) hate to eat vegetables. Gulping a glass of juice will be much easier than finishing a bowl of vegetables. And the most important part is, you still get all the nutrients you need daily. 

But sometimes, buying healthy juice can be costly. This is why a juicer is another kitchen thing you need to own. By having a juicer, you can make your own juice at any time. Making sure that all of the ingredients you use are fresh and in a good condition. You can even make your own juice recipe and mix different fruits and vegetables into a glass of juice packed with all the nutrients you need. Drinking juice will be a fun routine and you can get the best juice that will cost you less. 

Now you may wonder how to get the right juicer? Which juicer makes the most juice? Which juicer keeps the most nutrients? Are they easy to use? And several other questions regarding juicers. In this article, we will tell you a little more differences between Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L juicer. At the end, you can choose the juicer that says the most for you. 

Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L Similarities

Similarities - Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

Similarities #1: Dual-speed System

Like many other favorite centrifugal juicers on the market, the similarities between Mueller Juicer SD80A and AICOK 32L is available with a dual-speed system for a better juice regarding the texture and consistency of the ingredients. The lower speed is perfect to use for softer fruits such as tomato, watermelon, etc, while the faster speed is perfect for food that is considered as hard to juice. You can use the high speed to juice fruits with higher fibers such as apples and vegetables such as kale and celery. 

Similarities #2: Stainless Steel

It is noticeable that most of the best kitchen appliances are more durable with stainless steel material. Especially to look at the needs of powerful speed and strong steady appliances, the main body of the device material has to be an important matter. Like the case of a centrifugal juicer, some are made out of plastic and stainless steel. The similarities between these two products from Mueller Juicer and AICOK is presented with stainless steel material.

The stainless steel material on both of these products is available on its main body and other parts such as blades or centrifugal bowls. Worry less because it is 304 stainless steel material which is food safe.

Similarities #3: Safety Locking System

As we all know that centrifugal juicer does the work in making large quantities of juice at one time. It is quick fast as the blade inside and powerful motor collaborates to get your juice quality better on your own. The safety locking system matters especially when your kids are around or simply love to get one stable juicer work while you prepare the other ingredients to be put in, just like the locking lid of a slow cooker.

The AICOK 328L series is brought to you with a safety locking arm system to prevent unwanted processes while juicing. You have to get it set carefully and correctly so you won't break any parts or your fingers hurt. A similar safety system is also presented on Mueller Juicer SD80A as a locking bar that lets the juicer stay in place and have an auto shut-off switch. the juicer also won't start to work before the locking bar system is set upright.

Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L Differences

Differences - Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

Differences #1: Wattage

Unlike blenders, centrifugal juicer could take more power and have more wattage for use. This is because the motor works to blend in at a higher speed. Therefore, it is important for you to take note before purchasing one of them. Sometimes, the power wattage also matters in terms of how the machine could work but most of them are household friendly.

Mueller Juicer SD80A has 1100 watt power while the AICOK 328L has 800-watt power. You can choose the right juicer to match your house's electricity, so your air fryer also won't affect it. If the power of the juicer is not compatible with your house electricity, it may cause unstable power and cause the motor to overheat. 

Differences #2: Overload Protection System

Some juicer preference doesn't only stop on making it safe in becoming a solid centrifugal juicer. It is also best to get one that prevents overload juice in the process. This problem mostly occurs because the liquid or pulp that come from the ingredients is uncountable. This is why one of the juicer between Mueller Juicer and AICOK 328L stands within this difference.

The Mueller Juicer comes with an overload protection system that will shut the juicer automatically if the motor got overheated or if there are other problems that will cause some danger. This is a very handy feature so you can use the juicer safely. The AICOK 328L doesn't have this protection system so you need to be more cautious in making your juice.

Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L Comparison

Mueller Juicer SD80A 

Mueller Juicer will help you get your healthy lifestyle by producing high-quality juice. This juicer is great with its large feed chute so you could save more time in preparation. You can enjoy a smooth fresh juice and get all the benefits of its natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Using this juicer, you will get a higher juice yield with less separation so you can prepare the juice early to enjoy later on the day. 

This centrifugal juicer comes with a safety locking arm to make sure the cover stays on tight while the juicer is running. It is also completed with an overload protection system that will shut off the juicer when the motor gets overheated, used in an unstable power supply, improper assembly, and other factors that may cause an accident. 

For its ease of parts to stack, use, and clean this juicer is listed as one of many best user experiences in use from the best seller rank in Amazon. It might not be as smooth as others while making juice, as well all note, this is the centrifugal juicer which most of them make noise yet Mueller Juicer SD80A is highly recommended.

Produk 1 - Mueller Juicer SD80A


  • Locking bar mechanism
  • Overload protection system
  • Automatic shut off


  • Leaving big chunks



Comes with a powerful motor, the juicer will help you make juices in seconds. It extracts up to 30% more juice and 40% more nutrients compared to other juicers. It comes with dual speed mode so you can choose the slower speed for softer fruits and the faster speed for harder fruits and vegetables. AICOK 328L is presented to you with a good heat dissipation feature at the bottom of the body so it will help the heat circulation as the machine works.

The 75mm large feed chute is also helpful for you to get your fresh ingredients inside the juicer quickly pushed by the push rod right away. This chute fit apples to cucumbers in one go without cutting them. This juicer also comes with an anti-drip spout to keep your countertop nice and clean. It has a safety locking arm to make sure the cover stays on tight while running. AICOK 328L comes with a juice jug, residue barrel also juices recipes in a book so you can get various juices within a week easily.

AICOK 328L has the best value for its features and is easy to assemble and clean. The juicer is also best to use whether for greens or fruits. Cleaning is a breeze and fun with a free gift of brush available in the package as well.

Produk 2 - AICOK 328L


  • Easy top assemble
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-slip base
  • Good heat dissipation


  • Loud noise



Summary - Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

We can conclude that a juicer is still pretty much a handy device to use if we want to keep up with our nutrition intake in a much simpler way. Even when both products have similar qualities, they still have a few differences so make sure that you choose wisely depending on your needs. Between Mueller Juicer SD80A and AICOK 328L, our pick goes to Mueller Juicer SD80A. This juicer wins above the feature presented from its parts components that easy to stack and clean to the best durability and juice outcome. Fresh and leave the best vitamins and minerals to your glass right away. 


FAQ Mueller Juicer SD80A 

FAQ 1 - Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

Can I juice without peeling and cutting the fruits and vegetables?

Yes, you can fit the whole fruits and vegetables without cutting them into smaller pieces. You can also fit the fruits and vegetables without peeling them unless you want to make some orange juice. Thick skin such as orange skin could damage the juicer. You may still need to cut your fruits and vegetables if they are too big to fit through the feed chute. 

How well does this juicer handle celery bunches?

This juicer has great power and can handle hard food such as celery. As long as you take care of the juicer and clean its parts right away, you can juice celery bunches with no problems. 

How do I take off the grinding basket?

Feel around and pull up the base where the basket sits gently. Do not pull the basket right away. This may need practice but along with time, it will become a lot easier. 


FAQ 2 - Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

Do you have to peel an orange before making an orange juice?

Yes, you have to. The thick skin of the orange may damage the juicer and it will produce a different taste with the skin. But, if you like the taste of the orange skin, you can insert the orange peel after cutting it into smaller pieces. 

Does the unit have a non-slip base?

Yes, it does. It has a rubber base that will help the juicer stand stable and not slip when it's running. 

Can I clean it on the dishwasher?

Yes, you can clean some parts such as the cup and the pulp catcher on the dishwasher. But some parts are not dishwasher safe. But you can clean it by hand easily. Especially since it comes with a cleaning brush designed specifically for the juicer and especially for the mesh basket. 

Good to Know about Juicer

Good To Know - Juicer - Mueller Juicer SD80A vs AICOK 328L

Now that you know a little bit more about the juicer, you may already tap your hands on one of the juicers. But there are some things you need to know before you use the juicer to make sure the juicer is in good care and will run smoothly in the long run. 

Clean Up the Juicer Parts Right Away

No matter how busy you are, you need to clean the juicer parts right after you're done using them. Clean parts ensure the juicer works properly. It will also avoid food from getting stuck in the juicer parts. Some parts such as the mesh basket especially,  need to be cleaned properly. If you are too busy to clean your juicer right away, you can soak the parts in soapy water so the food and the fibers won't be stuck on the parts. 

Prepare your Fruits and Vegetables

Some handy juicer will allow you to fit the fruits and vegetables without doing too much preparation. But this doesn't mean you don't have to prepare the food at all. You still need to wash the fruits and vegetables to get rid of the dirt and chemicals stuck on the skin. You also need to chop the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces if their size is too big for the feed chute, the same way when you prepare to use the food processor. Some fruits' skin is also too thick; it may clog and damage the juicer. You need to peel them off before fitting the fruit into the juicer. 

Pushing Produces Using Something Other than the Plunger

Every juicer comes with a plunger made specifically for the juicer. It has a perfect size and you can use it to push the products easily and safely. In any circumstances, no matter what you do, do not push the fruits and vegetables using different kitchen tools other than the plunger. It not only can damage the juicer, but it may also cause an accident and put you in danger. 

Get the right juicer for you now to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. With the right juicer in your hand, you can make your own healthy fresh juice in the comfort of your own kitchen.




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