Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610


One of the easy methods of cooking is through a slow cooker. And there are many things that surprisingly you can make with this  appliance. All you need to do is to throw the food prep that you’ve chopped before to the pot, and then set the timer and other cooking options it has, like the temperature, the manual setting, and the auto-heating function when it’s done. The actual slow cookers that have just been described are Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610.

You must know how people love to eat and get cold drinks at a party, and you also enjoy the process of cooking the meals. All the while, you are a busy person and the time of cooking the food is longer than your work time. With such a slow cooker, you can still make your own specialty on time. You might as well bring all over the slow cooker to the party venue, as the lid has its own lock and feed are made of rubber.

What both Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 have

#1 6 Quart Capacity

Both Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 have a capacity that can fit up to 6 lb chicken and feed 7 people in total. It is such a perfect size for a family portion, or even for a house party, potluck, tailgate, cook many different kinds of hearty meals and meat. With this size, though, the food is still cooked thoroughly. Of course, the stainless steel exterior helps these slow cookers to have such even heat. If you have already taken a look at the best large air fryer on the same level, you might love it as well.

#2 Locking gasket lid

Along with the capacity, Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 can protect your meal from too many spills and mess from the lid. It is because of the locking gasket lid. The lid is lockable from both sides, and handles are strong and safe to touch, perfect to bring the slow cooker to a picnic, house party, or just stay on the table. The handlers are safety too, so you won’t be able to touch the hot parts of the slow cooker. 

Similarities - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

#3 Easy to clean lid and vessel

Although the capacity is big and the lid is made of glass like the other mini slow cooker, Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 are still the ones that are easy to clean. You always have two choices on how to brush off the dirt; by washing it in a dishwasher or manually handwash. You can really put the lid and crock in the dishwasher machine. It is because you can detach both parts from the stainless steel pot. But you are free to clean it by hand with soapy warm water in the sink to keep the hygiene.

#4 Digital timer program

Truthfully, the digital timer program is more important than the temperature settings. On the display settings of Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610, you can see how many minutes it is cooking up to 20 hrs. This kind of program is absolutely helpful for elders and those who are busy. Therefore, this timer feature will make your cooking experience easier, especially if you have other errands and the food takes longer than your working time. Finally, when you get home, your meal is still warm because of the timer setting.


What makes Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 different from each other

Differences - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

#1 Auto-heating time limit

Despite the similarity of the digital timer program, the only thing that is different from another is the auto-heating time. Auto-heating will work when the food is ready. Hamilton Beach 33969A and Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 still keep your meal warm by the time you finish working. But, there is a time limit that they have in the function.

The 33969A can auto heat for up to 14 hours, while SCCPVL610 is only 6 hours. Both excellent brands are still on demand and home cook’s sweethearts. You will still be able to have the whole 6 lb chicken fit in the pot, as well as you proudly bring your authentic soup recipe to the potluck party. Again, the timer is more important than auto-heating. If you’re not careful, there will be parts of the slow cooker that are melted.



Hamilton Beach 33969A

Hamilton Beach product is still lovable among mid-level to senior home cooks. From their best full size pan waffle maker to their powerful food processor. Typically, they have more than a decade of cooking experience, and age also makes them forgetful. This one slow cooker is special for them. It can heat the pot automatically after it has finished working. Also, the digital cooking display can show you the digital timer, along with the temperature information.

The exact time from the digital timer is alongside the exact temperature from the probe. You will become more professional than you were before. The temperature from the probe is linked to the cooking display in an accurate number, yet you can’t set the cooking temperature exactly as you want. It will result in a thoroughly cooked meal in the pot. Isn’t it amazing? 

Speaking of the digital display, not only does it show the temperature of the food from the probe, but also the buttons that will lead you to the other functions. If you want to set the time to 33969A, you can press the Program button. You can also set the temperature to low and high, and keep it warm manually from a specific button, yet the slow cooker also automatically keeps the pot warm after the cooking process.

The vessel and lid are dishwasher-safe, so don’t have to worry about hygiene. You can still use it for a long period of time, especially for more family gatherings in the future. The clip-tight gasket lid also avoids you from messy spills on the countertop and other surfaces like luggage in the car. 

If the electricity is suddenly off, it still remembers the last setup of the slow cooker. See, this is really something that your family will love because the device can feed them up with such hearty and delicious food with its 6 quarts oval crock that can fit 6 lb chicken and 4 lb roast and many different meals. 

Produk 1 - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610


  • Despite the number of settings, this one slow cooker is easy to use.
  • Not only is it safe from the lockable lid, but also easy to clean.
  • Very affordable for such features.


  • The feet of the crockpot is covered by weak plastic. 
  • There are certain foods that can’t be cooked because the lid has a hole.


Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

If you are new to cooking but already want to serve the meal to a party, Crock-Pot SCCPVL610 should be in your cart already. The reason behind its being beginner’s friendly is from the display options. Looking at the size, it also fits up to 7 people. So, this is really for you who likes to try on a new cooking experience with less effort. 

By looking at the ability to serve the whole party, it isn’t measured by the 6-quart capacity. It is also from the safety of the lid which can be locked as from the clampdown gasket. If it’s locked, there you can carry SCCPVL610 to the tailgates or regular potluck gathering, as the handles keep away from the hot parts of the slow cooker and the bottom has 3 feet.

The level of hygiene is also unbeatable. The pot is kind of stoneware and removable, along with the glass lid. They are dishwasher-friendly, so it’s easy for you to clean the surfaces, or if you still prefer to hand wash it, you can use warm water with soap. The stoneware, too, is microwave safe. Thus, if there is another cooking option, you can still use another appliance you have in your house. Keeping up the hygiene is also keeping up the durability of the device.

The controller has been the digital one and easy to program. You can countdown the timer from 30 minutes up to 20 hours. If you want to make it still warm, there is a button for the auto-warm, or let it automatically warm the pot when the food is ready. Your cooking experience will be much easier, especially when you’re busy and the food preparation time is longer than your work

Produk 2 - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610


  • Perfect size for up to 7 people and still easy to use.
  • The free cookbook guarantees you to be able to keep this slow cooker for a long period of time.
  • The digital controller is the one that people are looking for, along with the countdown timer.


  • The automatic keep-warm makes the whole pot too hot.
  • There are only 3 legs on the bottom, so better be more careful when you carry it outside.


Our Pick

Summary - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

No matter how experienced you are in cooking, you still need a slow cooker to cook warm and hearty food. But, the one you have to choose is, first, the one that can cook the food evenly. If it is cooked evenly, everybody will be healthier and happier. Not only can it make a warm meal, but also be carried outside of the house without messiness on the way out. You can purchase such a slow cooker from its lid which is lockable. Then, you have to be able to keep the lid and pot for longer use. Among all efforts, the only thing you can do is to wash them thoroughly with running water or a dishwasher. The pot is supposed to be versatile too, as it can be used in a microwave. Lastly, the cooking display must be easy to use and understandable for new users.

Keeping it short, our pick relates to the points before and would recommend you with Crock-Pot SCCPVL610, whether you are a new user or thinking about upgrading a new one. You can fit a big amount of servings at once and keep the flavour like as it is just freshly cooked over hours. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to fill your tummy with best taste.


FAQ Hamilton Beach 33969A

Can I bring the water to a boil?

This slow cooker is not for boiling water. Instead, your food will be cooked thoroughly. For instance, the soup will be warm before it is cooked for 6-7 hours.

Can I add up the temperature by myself?

There is a probe you can put inside the slow cooker. It will show you the exact temperature from the display. You can’t set the temperature manually.

How to wash the lid and insert it?

It is safer if you wash it by hand. Depending on the type of dishwasher, you can’t easily put the lid and the pot in the machine, otherwise, it’ll change its form.

FAQ Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

How hot is the slow cooker?

It won’t boil. But, it’ll warm the pot slowly and evenly. It will take a long time to cook, though, your roast will be cooked thoroughly.

Is there a hole on the lid?

Yes. You still need that hole to release the steam Otherwise, the lid can explode from the pressure on the inside.

What if the ceramic pot is broken?

Unfortunately, there won’t be any extra pot in the box. But, you can always contact the customer service that is always there to help you.

Things You Can Unexpectedly Make with Slow Cooker

Good To Know - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

You can also get crazy about using a slow cooker. As you can see from its function, a slow cooker will heat the pot with a certain amount of level. And so, some things that have no relation to food can be made from this one device. Are you ready for the list of things that can be ‘cooked’ in a slow cooker?

Hand-made soap

The first thing you can make with a slow cooker is a hand-made soap. This device is great for making such things because it doesn't have to boil the ingredients. The ingredients are coconut oil, olive oil, and essential oil.

Scented candles

Same as a soap, you can reuse the leftover scented candle and form it in another mold. As this also doesn’t need to boil the wax, all you have to prepare is just the wick that you can have in online stores.


You can use a slow cooker as a humidifier when the weather is cold. The steam can warm the room. To do so, you just need to pour in hot water and turn on the slow cooker for 15 minutes at the highest temperature.

Art supplies

The method is almost the same as molding new scented candles. By removing the cover, put the crayons in the slow cooker, let them melt, and pour it back into a rubber mold.


If a slow cooker can be a humidifier, then it can be used to make a potpourri. Potpourri is a mixture of dried fruits or real fruits and herbs, then you must add some water, and let it boil for some minutes. Your home will be fresher than ever.

Roast nuts

Let’s get back to its real function a little bit. Not only for watery foods, but also for such crisp like nuts. You can cook it for 3 to 4 hours in the slow cooker.


Another thing that you can consume but is made from a slow cooker is a cocktail and any warm beverages. There are a lot of different kinds of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks that can make your body warm, along with the scent of spices.

Dye a fabric

Lastly, you can dye a piece of fabric in a slow cooker. Put the fabric in the pot, then add some water and vinegar. After the steam appears, you can add the food coloring.


Bottom Line


Suggest to Buy - Programmable Slow Cooker - Hamilton Beach 33969A vs Crock-Pot SCCPVL610

Are you ready for the next potluck? You will be more well-prepared with a slow cooker. This is always your good-to-go because you just need to add some ingredients, press the cooking buttons, and wait for it until they are cooked thoroughly. 



Totally unexpected uses for a crock pot

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