SimpleTaste vs HadinEEon - Best Electric Handheld Milk Frother

Updated 13 Jul 2021
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SimpleTaste vs HadinEEon - Best Electric Handheld Milk Frother

The coffee shops trends nowadays just are now at the peak! You may find there are places every kilometer around your neighborhood as well. The thought of having your own kind of homemade coffee might cross your mind about now. Spending time at the cafe with books is great but it will be greater when you finally can achieve a new skill as a home barista.

You don’t have to worry about kitchen or coffee tools to prepare. Here we give a sight of SIMPLETaste vs HadinEEon Milk Frother among many milk frothers to shop. Check out these things to know for your best purchase here.



SIMPLETaste vs HadinEEon Similarities

Similarities #1 Great Price for Great Product

We can both agree on a great price for a great product. A great price means it is affordable but still makes work that one can never expect before, like a long-lasting product for a kitchen appliance.

Here as a handheld milk frother, SIMPLETaste and HadinEEon price both were listed under $20! It will be a great buy even if you are new into homemade coffee made.

Similarities #2 Blending Time

Blending power is an effective key to create a perfect foam. You don’t want your handheld milk frother to become too strong or too light. Both products claim to get your milk froth ready within 15 seconds to the longest 1 minute.

SIMPLETaste Handheld Milk Frother can make a cloudy froth and foam within 15-30 seconds only. HadinEEon Handheld Milk Frother series spins around 30 seconds until 1 minute for a perfect result.

Similarities #3 2 AA Batteries Operated

A wireless and handy appliance are the most convenient to have. Both SimpleTASTE and HadinEEon do not have cable plugs for usage. Both of these handheld milk frothers work properly on the use of  AA  batteries only. It still has the whisk stirring on powerful mode for other mixed milk-based drinks such as matcha tea to milkshakes drinks.


SIMPLETaste vs HadinEEon Differences

SIMPLETaste vs HadinEEon Similarities

Differences #1 Design and Material Quality

The one produced by SIMPLETASTE is made out of the best quality of stainless steel for its whisk meanwhile the handle is made out of plastic. The whisk on SIMPLETaste Handheld Milk frother also looks thinner than the HadinEEon version. On the other side, HadinEEon comes on the handle, stand, and whisk made out of stainless steel. That makes a point of solid parts. The white matt stainless handle with a golden-colored button makes them look more stylish too.

Differences #2 Frothing Whisks Set

SIMPLETaste Handheld Milk frother comes with 3 pieces of batteries in the package but the whisk is only one attached on the handle. Meanwhile, HadinEEon Milk Frother has better difference on set offers. They provide you with two frothing whisks for a set.


Specification Comparison

  SIMPLETaste HadinEEon
RPM 13000 19000
Dimension 1.38 x 1.38 x 9.65 inches 8.3 x 3 x 2.9 inches
Froth Milk Time 15-30 seconds 15-30 seconds
Battery Type AA AA
Battery Needed 2 AA 2 AA


SIMPLETaste vs HadinEEon Comparison

SIMPLETaste Handheld Milk Frother

SIMPLETaste The Best Handheld Milk Frother

As the number 4 ranked in the Bestseller milk frothers, SIMPLETaste specifications design comes in dimensions 1.38 x 1.38 x 9.65 inches. It can bring creamy froth quickly within 15 to 30 seconds only for your cup. Press the button and let your hand enjoy the ease of use of this milk frother. This product includes a warranty for 90-day refund quality issues and returns for replacements in 24 months.

Best of all, it is multifunctional for your needs in making hot or cold chocolate, milkshakes, matcha tea, and even your dressing sauces! Very convenient to use and store in the kitchen. SIMPLETaste Milk frother comes with 3 pieces of AA batteries included in the package. So, you can test and make froth right away after the package arrives!


  • Includes AA batteries needed for the device.
  • Quick creamy froth making.
  • Sleek design and lightweight device.


  • Whisk stem looks fragile.


HadinEEon MF002-A Handheld Milk Frother

HadinEEon MF002-A Best Handheld Milk Frother

Manufactured by HadinEEon, this handheld milk frother offers an easy-to-use kitchen appliance in 8.3 x 3 x 2.9 inches dimensions with the size of the stirring whisk around 3.5 inches tall. Very easy to clean as you can disassemble the whisk. That's all to make the handheld milk frother come in a nice portable size.

This product has a perfectly comfortable grip handle that makes it easier to use with the switch button on top. You can get a smooth milk foam within 30 seconds to 1 minute only. It also comes with a great quality stainless steel stand and smooth noise operation. More goodies from this milk frother are that it has a 3-year warranty and 1-year money back after purchase.


  • Detachable whisk.
  • Perfect thickness.
  • Super great in use, price, and power.


  • Too much power for some cases.



There are actually more alternatives to froth milk without a machine. You can shake it in a jar, using an electric mixer, surprisingly the blender also works well, and last but not least is using a manual whisk. However, it will take you lots of time to create the perfect creamy foam you ever picture. Therefore, electric handheld milk frothers are made to help you make yourself a brewed coffee and latte at home early.

This small kitchen appliance definitely will save your time and space. Most handheld milk frothers are handy and travel-friendly. It can make froth milk within 15-30 seconds and very easy to clean. Make sure you tick the best and useful features for your needs so your penny is worth spending on it.

SIMPLETaste and HadinEEon Handheld Milk Frother series were both conveniently good in the price list around $20. Both are battery-operated and mostly make a creamy foam quick. Click on your favorite one to the cart before you're late!



FAQ SIMPLETaste Handheld Milk Frother

Is it possible to use the dishwasher to clean the wand part?
Apparently, you can simply clean the wand in hot soapy water, turn it on for a moment and rinse them clean before you put them back in the holder.

Do you need a screwdriver for batteries in and out?
It is easy to change batteries for this device. You can click the little button on the backside of the handle. Super simple and can even use fingernails to open it.

How long is the whisk?
The little whisk part at the bottom size about an inch small but works great anyhow.


FAQ HadinEEon MF002-A Handheld Milk Frother

Can you use this to heat milk?
Because it is a handheld milk frother, it doesn’t come with a feature to heat milk.

Is the material used BPA free?
The whisk is made out of the best quality 304 stainless steel which is food grade safe.

What makes this milk frother better than other brands?
The best thing about HadinEEon brand milk frother is that it comes with two frothing whisks. So, it makes you easier to clean and go for replacement.


Good to Know: Best Milk Types for Coffee

smooth, sweet and creamy latte art foam

Have you ever realized that each type of milk could produce different results on the foam? You need to consider finding the right fat and protein in a balanced amount. This is because they work to keep the air bubbles and make your foam to be a perfect cloud. Here is a list of the best milk types for your coffee to make at home with your new milk frother package!

Dairy Milk

If you like basic coffee and milk mix, you can go with dairy milk for your lattes and cappuccinos. It is the perfect milk to use for this coffee selection. It is noted that whole milk has the perfect balance of fats, proteins, sugar, and water to make your foam creamy and smooth. It also makes a better latte art form on top of your coffee cups.

Almond Milk

Next best for your coffee and milk is almond milk.  If you are familiar with this milk type, you may have noticed that it has a bit of sweetness and nutty flavor. There is even a specific product made by Califia Farms for Barista Blend Almond Milk. It makes a rich foam and sweeter than the usual foam. If you prefer your latte to have certain taste and consistency, using almond milk is recommended.

Oat Milk

 If you are not really into dairy products and on a diet program, you might as well use oat milk to use for your coffee. So you won’t miss the taste of the latte you were longing for. Oat milk known to have light protein content and less fat. It is great for you who always crave for latte but don’t want to have lots of fat from the milk. Sort of making a healthier version of coffee, right?

Surprisingly, this unique type of milk can make a smooth, sweet and creamy latte art foam. The foam might not be as much as the whole milk produces but the taste is the important point, plus if it's served cold.

Then time has come for you to  practice making your own homemade latte. Upgrade yourself and feel like a pro barista at home. Choose your favorite handheld milk frother to deliver right now!



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